Welcome to EMP University!

Hi, Josita. Let's get started revolutionizing the way Langston University manages their enrollment marketing!

Introductions first: Josita, this is your personal EMP University microsite, one of the many targeted communications powered by Liaison’s Enrollment Marketing Platform (EMP) solution. From a very similar platform, branded to your university's design style, your students will gain a clear understanding of the best that Langston University has to offer. From the back end, you'll be able to monitor exactly how your prospects are engaging with you. 

What does this mean for Langston University?

More authentic engagement with prospective students.

EMP enables you to instantly provide personalized, multi-channel information to prospective students–all managed automatically. They tell you their interests, and you respond immediately with a customized microsite telling them exactly what they want to know.

More empowered admissions representatives.

EMP tracks and scores prospects’ engagement with their microsite, communications and every other aspect of their admissions experience. Admission reps are able to access prospects’ complete histories and scores to identify and focus their efforts on those with the highest engagement levels. The rest aren't forgotten, but are managed by the system until they engage more and "bubble up."

Get an insider’s view–tour EMP online!

See what your reps will see when they view student records, learn how engagement scores are built, view dashboard analytics for insight on your entire prospect pool or individual marketing efforts and their results and so much more! 

Contact me directly to set up your exclusive Insider's Tour!


EMP My Viewbook Demo Video (HD) from Liaison International on Vimeo.

*Caslon & Company, 2012

Wakashan West
Associate Vice President, Enrollment Management Solutions

(303) 877-3232